Our expertise lies in the close interaction with your company from the initial project phase to the identification of the relevant inventions and the drafting of the patent application


We believe that it is essential that we work in partnership with you from day one to describe your invention in an accurate and sufficient manner but also in a manner that can be commonly understood, thus ensuring that we apply for a suitable protection of the invention while also keeping in mind the further prosecution. We believe that a successful patent process requires an in-depth knowledge of your company and business and that you and your team should be actively involved in the entire process. We aim for you to consider us a part of your in-house team.

We will guide you through the examination procedure before the patent authorities and will always give you our recommendation for how to best reply to communications.


We will handle all steps in administering your patent portfolio in close contact with you. We will take care of the complex and time-consuming work involved in all aspects of the administration of your patent portfolio. You may quickly get an overview of expected costs, case files and the latest developments in your applications. Our patent administrator is highly educated being both QIPA-certified and having many years of experience in filing and administering patent applications globally. We have chosen our associates abroad based on both quality and price and we will ensure that the work performed by our associates is kept to a minimum so as to control and minimise your costs.

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