COPA acts as professional representative for overseas companies before the European Patent Office assisting in the filing and prosecution of EP patent applications.

We have vast experience in filing and prosecuting European patent application before the European Patent Office. We also represent our clients in oral proceedings before the EPO as well as in opposition and appeal proceedings.

COPA may serve as your professional representative before the EPO in case your company or your client is domiciled outside a contracting state. We will tailor our services to your specific needs. Hence, patent agents abroad may use our services to file applications as well as to prepare and file responses to communications issued by the EPO. Alternatively, our services can be used for serving only as an EPO representative, thus forwarding all communications received by the EPO to you without comments and only preparing and commenting on draft responses when specifically requested by you if you prefer to draft the responses yourself. However, as a final step, we will always make sure that any response filed by our office is in line with EPC requirements.

When your European patent is granted, we can also take care of the validation procedure in the selected EPO countries.

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