In close partnership with leading IP lawyers in Denmark and abroad, COPA Copenhagen Patents advises companies on the technical aspects and the patent law aspects in court cases, such as preliminary injunction cases, injunction proceedings, infringement and invalidity proceedings.

Our team has many years of experience in providing assistance to our clients in patent litigation cases. We work with original manufacturers as well as generic companies, the generic companies, however, making up the majority of our litigation portfolio. We are particularly experienced in preliminary injunction cases before the Danish city courts and high courts as well as confirmatory actions and injunction cases before the Copenhagen Maritime and Commercial Court and the Danish Supreme Court.

We also assist in court cases in other Nordic countries.


We have practical experience in drafting independent expert opinions on patent law issues and technical issues in connection with pending court proceedings both in terms of drawing-up written statements to be produced before the courts or by giving testimony in court.

Mikkel Bender is on ADIPA’s list of qualified experts to be appointed by Danish courts.

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